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JinDaTai(KunShan) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the productionof auto accessories as an enterprise with integrated R&D, manufacturing andsales functions, especially the production of auto air conditioner clutch, whichincludes Nippon Denso, Sanden, Zexel, Electronic control system; and auto airconditioning compressor gear, which includes the 5- and 7-series SD505, SD507,SD508, SD510, SE7B08 SE7B10 SE7H13 and SE7H15, etc.  Our products have passed all strict tests by  Sanden International Singapore and otherimportant customers. Now on our main customer list, there are SOB inSuzhou(Sanden Int’l Singapore), TCCI  in Ningbo, Guangyu in Shanghai, Shuangniao inWuxi and  Guangyu in Guangzhou.

JDT has beencertified by ISO9001:2008 Quality System in the year 2010 & TS16949 Quality System in the year 2013. We alsoimplement the ERP management platform and carry out TPS lean manufacturing, inorder to provide better services and create brand effect.

Now our annualproduction  of gear reaches up to 3.5million units . The clutch production line will be accomplished in the  year end of 2017, which can produce 1.5 million sets annually. JDT has anefficient and complete set of manufacturing, which includes mold manufacturing,precision molding, metal forging and machining processes with sophisticatedtest method, professional production technology and experienced technicians. 

JDT is locatedin the beautiful southern water town Zhouzhuang, where connects theinternational Shanghai eastward and the reputed “paradise on earth” Suzhou westward. The transportation isvery convenient.

In the future,we will devote more energy and money to the R&D, new product developmentand customer service to provide better qualified products and services to thecustomers. All our people adhere to the quality guideline of “quality first, continuous improvement” and hold the business philosophy “fast delivery, reliable quality,reasonable price and value-added service” in an effort to build JDT into anexuberant competitor, capable of diversified products and thoughtful services.